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Compelling Holiday Tradition

November 29, 2008 by  
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We have a very cool Christmas tradition in Humboldt County, California.

For the last 20 years we’ve taken our family as a holiday ritual to the Ben Hurd Christmas tree farm.

There we have established a Christmas tradition and legacy that is both compelling and meaningful.

We have enjoyed over 20 years of Christmas and holiday warmth, relationship, and the love of family and community by the simple act of securing a lot of Christmas tree.   Here’s how…

  1. Family tradition– it’s really cool to look forward to a single event that defines and refines our family holidays traditions. Simple act of going to get a Christmas tree is a legacy and tradition in and of itself.  It really makes a difference, because the experience and people are so wonderful, warm, and festive.
  2. The people–Ben Hurd and his family really make the experience compelling.  They are kind and gentle folk, who really are hospitable and know how to make folks feel at home.
  3. The farm– the actual setting of the tree farm is really beautiful.  Being surrounded by holiday cheer and hundreds of Christmas trees really brings home the fact that it’s Christmas time.
  4. The drill– from the obtaining of the saw,the selection of the tree, to the actual cutting of the selected tree… the fun and joy is self-evident.
  5. The afterglow– one of the things that they do at the tree farm is to provide a hot pot belly stove, fresh homemade wassail, and fresh homemade cookies.  This ritual after a tree cutting ceremony is the perfect afterglow for such a wonderful holiday experience.
  6. The cost– the price is nominal for such a priceless experience.  It is certainly the bargain of the year.
  7. The legacy– this experience is the stuff of legacy and holiday tradition for families.  It’s easy to plug into — all we have to do is get in the van and go!  Show up, create a legacy… it’s literally that easy.

The relationships, experience, shared tradition, memories, food, time together, and, oh yeah, the tree– all add up for a wonderful holiday tradition that can only be found, if sought after. Get in the van and forget about the tree lot.  Blot it out of your mind– it is a thing of your past.  Make the tree farm your new family holiday tradition, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly and subtly you’ve created a very cool holiday tradition for yourself and your family.

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